How Much Does it Cost to Submit with Ace Grading?

Services at Ace Grading start at £10 for our Basic service level and £12 for our Standard service level. We have also recently added our Premier (£15) and Ultra (£30) services which offer a quicker turnaround. Please see more pricing details here.


Our ‘Colour Match’ label option will be an additional £1 per card and our ‘Ace’ label option will be an additional £3 per card.  


Customers will pay for their submission after their cards have been graded. Submitters will be sent an invoice from Ace Grading, which includes your grading fee plus shipping; once this is paid, your submission can be released for return shipping. 


Ace Grading accepts all major debit and credit cards from submitters globally. We do not accept PayPal. 

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