Can I Request an Ace Label?

For all cards except Pokémon you can now choose the Ace Label option whether or not we have one in our Label Library. 

Completing your submission with a Ace Label means on arrival the request will be sent directly to our artist to start the creation of your label, although you will not see the design beforehand, it will mean you will have the first ever slab with the new label.

Please be aware with request turnarounds may be delayed depending on number of requests that are open.

Service level priorities will still be enacted, please however be aware this will be relative to other requests on the same service level. 


For Pokémon requests simply email your request to, there is no guarantee we can accept the request or the turnaround time for it to become available (due to set releases) etc. however we are more than happy to communicate label requests to our label artist. 


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