Ace Grading implements a Fair Market Value (FMV) policy to compensate submitters fairly in the unlikely event of loss or damage.

Ace will determine the current Fair Market Value of a collectible based on reliable current market information from public auction houses and marketplaces if applicable. If this information can not be found reliably, we will ask for purchase receipts.


As Ace will no longer be requiring declared values to be entered, we would submit our Fair Market Value assessment when such an incident occurs with the submitter's input.

This means submitters still have the ability to provide their input to a compensation calculation, after assessment of the FMV values.

Ace Grading’s judgment is final, however, we will always consider a submitter’s input, and Ace Grading will always act in a fair and equitable manner to ensure submitter satisfaction.


The Fair Market Value (FMV) policy allows submitters to be confident in Ace Grading’s conviction to compensate submitters fairly in the unlikely event of damage or loss. It also allows submitters to submit without the hassle of providing accurate declared values for every individual trading card in their submissions.


Service levels do affect Ace Grading's max pay-out per individual trading card.


Basic - £500 

Standard - £1000

Premier - £2000

Ultra - £5000 


Ace Grading will not enforce submitters to submit on the service level that best matches the fair market value of each individual trading card and will not charge additional fees if your card is graded and the fair market value is above the service level.

We recommend that submitters are vigilant when submitting their trading cards and fully understand the fair market value compensation when deciding on service level/s to use.

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